Possible bug in the arrangement of cards in input

Dear experts,

With the new flair instillation, when I am adding new card in a particular section, let’s say after clicking on “Physics” I am adding PHOTONUC, it is getting added on top of Title card. Previously, the cards are being added between TITLE and STOP card.

I am attaching screenshots for your reference. After adding the new basic input, the other cards are getting added on top of TITLE card.

I have used




Dear expert,

Sorry for another post on flair bugs.

  1. Now the sum.lis and tab.lis are not visible in data menu, although they are present in the folder.

  1. There are two AIR material in the drop down list and some time, they are not added even after clicking many times (happened few times).

I am attaching the screenshots.



Thank you @riya for the bug report. All this issues are corrected and we will push soon a fix for them

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