Post-processing on the cluster

Dear experts,
I run my simulation on the cluster (on 30 nodes). I would like to write some bash code to process and combine output files. I can not install Flair in the cluster( I do have root access).
so Is there any way to do this?
I can not find any solution in the forum.
I read this :

but I can not write some bash file to send a list of input files and also the name of the output…(If you have any Idea to write this …I think the problem is solved…)
Best regards,

Dear Mohammad,

you can use the command line post processing tools bundled with FLUKA. (See: 3.5. Accessing results — FLUKA Manual)

By default these programs work in an interactive mode, but it is possible to prepare the answers beforehand in a text file, like:




Then you can pipe this file into the post processing tool, for example:

usbsuw < in.txt


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