Problem in using DICOM

Dear FLUKA experts
I am using FLUKA 4.2.2/flair 3.1-15.1 on WSL. I want to use DICOM function, so I install python3-numpy, python3-scipy, python3-pydicom, python3-matplotlib.
But when I want to install python3-pillow-tk it shows "Unable to locate package python3-pillow-tk.
Any help will be appreciated.

Dear @J.soltani,

the names of the required packages should be: python3-pil and python3-pil.imagetk.


Dear David
Thank you for quick reply.
it seems I have python3-pil and python3-pil.imagetk.
when I want to insert DICOM files it shows following error.

When dealing with compressed DICOM images you need to install an additional package python3-gdcm
Look the post The problem of DCM format conversion in FLAIR - #7

Can you please try it and let us know if it works?

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Dear Vasilis
Thank you for your reply
I installed python3-gdcm and I add my dicom file in flair. it doesn’t show any error message but I cant see my dicom in flair yet.
with regards

In this case, you could provide us (privately) one of the dicom files to check.

Dear Vasilis
I converted my CT file to .dcm format and now I can see my dicom files. why it shows this error for seeing every slice?

There are some errors, Click the Output button to see them

Dear vasilis
Thank you very much for your help. Now, I can add DICOM files to Flair.
with Regards