Problems with mgdraw.f file

I compile mgdraw.f file and make calculation using obtained after compiling File.exe file. In card USRDUMP for WHAT(2) I set value 72. But after finishing of calculation there ara no _fort.72 file. Instead of it there appears _MGDRAW file. What is the problem. Here are .inp and mgdraw.f files.

photonuc.inp (1.3 KB)
mgdraw.f (14.4 KB)

There is no problem: you are using the mgdraw default version that associates the input unit to an UNFORMATTED file named _MGDRAW by default, where a pre-defined output content is printed for post-processing by a specific code. I suggest you modify the mgdraw code in order to print what you actually need in a formatted (i.e. immediately readable) file, renamed as you wish (by means of the USERDUMP SDUM) or not.

The problem is that I use this mgdraw.f file more than one year. When the target material is fluorine there is no problem. But when I change it to some other material it doesn’t work. Why ? I’ve never change anything in mgdraw.f file ever. But till now it works. Here is .inp file.

photonuc.inp (1.3 KB)

The mgdraw file you uploaded above (that is just the default mgdraw included in the FLUKA package) is not the one you have been using for more than one year: what you were using six months ago was a custom version I earlier provided you with. This custom version was printing a specific output of your interest on the unit 72, as hardwired in the ENTRY USDRAW of mgdraw. Now you apparently moved to the default mgdraw version, which, as explained above, is renaming the respective output file and is printing there an unformatted content, likely of no use for you.
So, the problem is just related to which mgdraw you are picking up.