Question about different DVH from biological dose and physical dose

Dear fluka experts,
Thank you for your previous help, I can calculate the biological dose in DICOM. and when I Import both biological dose dicom and physical dose dicom into flair, the planned alway larger than calculated, no matter whether I set the biological dose or the physical dose as planned. So the question are as follows:
(1) what is the different between those.
(2)what is the norm mean and how the norm control the dose.
(3) Why doesn’t calc-plann display color.

Dear @xuchong

  1. From the screenshots I cannot understand how you calculated the two. In any case:
  • physical dose is energy deposition per unit of mass (J/kg) in units of Gy.
  • radio-biological dose is the product of the physical dose and the relative biological effectiveness (RBE), and gives you the cell survival probability. Fluka nor Flair provide any RBE information. It needs to be provided by the user using the RAD-BIOL card. (Check also the forum for more instructions on how to do)
  1. The norm is just a scaling factor. In FLUKA all results are normalized per starting primary. If you want to compare your calculations with the dose from a TP system you need to multiply with the total number of particles that will be delivered. flair can calculate this information if it is available in the RTPLAN and will be offered in the dropdown box
  2. calc-plan shows the difference of the two above plots. If they are exactly the same then you will see nothing.

Dear @vasilis
Thank you for your detailed explanation. The biological dose had been calculated following the method RBE and RAD-BIOL card.
After check my code, the biodose had not been write to the rtdose correctly. But When I modify it and import it with CT again, the DVH can not been created auto. The information are list as follows

So Is there any method to creat the DVH of new RTdose?

There was an error output during the execution of the usrbin2dvh
ERROR: voxel file was not provided
Flair fills this argument from the VOXEL card, but if you started the RTViewer with another flair project that doesn’t have the VOXELS card then it cannot find which voxel file it needs to process the usrbin.

Please ensure that the VOXELS card is present in the input and it is filled.

You can also create the DVH from the command line by running the usrbin2dvh command
/usr/local/flair/bin/usrbin2dvh -o biodose_99_dvh.lis -y biodose_99.bnn -d 1 -v voxel_file.vxl

Thanks for your advice, the problem is solved!