RBE and RAD-BIOL card

Dear fluka experts,
I’m trying to prepare a simulation that calculates the RBE of a cell. As I saw in some other places around the forum (Question about results of RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE card(s); https:// /fluka-forum.web.cern.ch/t/about-rad-biol-and-tpsscore-card/2363/6 ; https://fluka-forum.web.cern.ch/t/integrating-empirical-equation -into-fluka-routines/3951/5) I took as an example the PBS Carbono file with their respective files attached to the posts.
First, I tried to simulate the example (Question about results of RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE card(s)), a few things for me weren’t that useful for my input (some cards I don’t know much about either) and I couldn’t get it to run at all.
Second, I tried to change a few things to make it simpler and easier to find the problem.
My simulations with RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE cards always “end with errors”, I can’t manage to plot the graph because my files are empty.
Is something incomplete? How can I fix this so that I can only calculate the RBE of a cell being hit by ion beams?
Thank you very much!
C-CR5_F8Rifi6RBE_ION_Spots021977.dat (1.5 MB)
RBEmax.dat (3.9 KB)
RIFI6-5000.dat (3.5 KB)
sourcetemplateC.f (13.4 KB)
CarbonPBS.zip (4.6 KB)
Myinput.zip (21.0 KB)

Dear Victoria,

a few comments:

  1. You are starting with a 25keV proton beam and you have not lowered the transport threshold of the protons (default 100keV), which means it will kill all your beam particles on the spot
    Please add a PART-THRES card lowering your particle thresholds to the minimum of 1keV (except neutrons which have to go to 1e-14 GeV
  2. the celula.inp stops with an error since it cannot find the RBE.dat file. In your files it is named RBEmax.dat. Either change your RAD-BIOL card to use the RBEmax filename or rename the file to RBE.dat