Question about results of RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE card(s)

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With the help of Vasilis’s answer, I tried RAD-BIOL and TPSSCORE cards. I got some results from these two cards. But it is hard to explain. There is a large difference of RBEdose between the original TPS and calculated result with alphaD and betaD from two cards. Please check the pictures below.

The results from TPS

The results calculated with alphaD and SqbetaD from fluka. The physic dose is reasonable and very close to TPS results. I used Dose-H2O* total particle numbers. However, the RBEdose I used the formula in the following picture. The value is too high. And also it is not right for the shape. I can’t explain.
Both AlphaD and SqBetaD are dose weighted and also times total particle numbers when calculating the RBE dose.

Physics dose

Weird RBEdose and RBE factor

The formula used for RBE dose calculation

The inp, flair,sourcefile, plan parameters,and so on used in the calculation are as below.
CarbonPBS.flair (3.7 KB)
CarbonPBS.inp (2.9 KB)
RBEmax.dat (3.9 KB)
sourcetemplateC.f (13.4 KB)
C-CR5_F8Rifi6RBE_ION_Spots021977.dat (1.5 MB)
RIFI6-5000.dat (3.5 KB)

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Your values for alpha/beta coefficients per ion are too high, like an order of magnitude or more too high.
From where did you got this values?

I took them directly from TPS baseline. They are the values calculating the results in the first picture.
In the original data file, the numbers are explained as Initial RBE set for Chordoma cells with an alpha/beta ratio of 2. The unit is Mev for energy.
Thanks for your help.


Can you check if is it is some unit conversion problem.
It seems to me that your coefficients is about 10 times higher

Thanks for the reminder. The alpha and beta value in the table was divided by αx and βx. I modified the values and got reasonable results.
Thanks very much for your help.


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