Run starts but does not finish or give ETA


When I press the start button it shows “Running” but does not show the estimated duration or time per primary. Based on this thread I’m wondering if I’ve created an infinite duration run somehow but I’m not sure how. Hoping someone can take a look and help me out.

18MeV 65um 90-10.inp (3.2 KB)


Dear @RStokes,
Which flair version are you using? Do you have the latest version (3.2-1)?

Dear Rory,

Your beam is never impacting on the target.
I assume that you need a grazing impact, in that case I would suggest you to change the BEAMPOS card to these values (flip the y direction):

BEAMPOS          0.0        10     0.881       0.0    -0.996          NEGATIVE  

I notice that in your geometry you have not properly defined the vacuum and the blackhole. Those might have been the sources of your problems. Let us know if it works now!
18MeV_65um_90-10updated.inp (3.2 KB)



Thanks for your help, It’s working now.