Segmentation fault core dumped

Dear experts:
The new flair version 3.1-4 crashes when goes to geometry, feed back segmentation fault:

and ubuntu system report python error as shown in the picture. How can I fix this bug?

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Maybe it’s the RAM too small. when I replace a larger RAM to 16GB, it works good.

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Hi @YuniWang2020,

it’s good to hear that more RAM solved the issue but it would still be interesting to understand what has happened exactly. Therefore, I have some few questions:

  • Is your Ubuntu running in a virtual machine?
  • Are you using a voxel geometry or a “normal” one?

If you can share your geometry (it could also be shared via private message) then I could have a quick look to see what’s going on. In the end the code should not crash but rather give a warning if something unforeseen is happening.


Dear Chris@ctheis
Yes, I am runing a virtual machine. Ubuntu is 18.04, and no voxel, just a simple water phatom.
Now 8G RAM can work as well.


Ok, thanks for the info.

Memory can easily become an issue for virtual machines and you might face issues there that you don’t see when running a native installation with the same amount of memory.