Several FLUKA jobs in lxplus

Dear FLUKA expert

I have installed fluka on lxplus following the instruction :

and it works fine, I compared the output with the ones from my local machine and I got the same.

However, I would like to submit several jobs to lxplus, let say I would like to submit


I know that I have to write a script in order to do that, so could you give me and advice about how to write this script or even better do you have an example of this script. As far as I know lxplus use condor, however, I never used it before.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jilberto,
we have a suite of scripts which allow simple submission to LXBATCH from lxplus and the postprocessing of the results. I attached the archive here. The README file should give you all the required instructions how to set up and use the scripts.

Kind regards,


lxflu-master.tgz (36.9 KB)