Some Issues Regarding Dose Display (Voxel)

Dear FLUKA experts,
I’m trying to generate voxels and use them for some calculations. Fortunately, I have completed these tasks except for encountering some issues with dose display.

1.I have successfully plot the results of usrbin card, as shown in the following figure. But it seems that too many lines are plotted to clearly see the deposition of dose, Is there a solution to clearly see dose deposition? Preferably with a diagram of dose and RTstructure.

2.I tried to add a usrbin layer to the display in Geometry, but both the structure and dose disappeared just like the pictures listed below. And all the settings in the layers have also been uploaded.Is there a problem with my settings?

  1. Some errors were reported when I tried to use usrbin2dvh to process the .bnn file.

4.There is a significant deviation in the position of RTdose in CT compared to TPS, where can I adjust their relative positions? And can I display the results on CT (not RTplan and RTDose, but the score of the beam on the USRBIN card that I redefined in Fluka)?

Looking forward to your answer.
Thank you very much!


Dear Li,

you might want to have a look at the following post which might be helpful.

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Thanks @ctheis. I successfully solved the second problem after reading the above post.
Are there any posts or solutions for other issues that can be referenced?

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Hi @nostaaal

  1. Unfortunately from the flair Plot page you cannot get rid the black lines which are the region boundaries. You can completely disable them and plot only the USRBIN, without the geometry. Only in the Geometry page you can make such a plot where you can combine the two plots using transparencies.
  2. already answered
  3. From the command output I cannot understand what is the problem. Can you please verify that the usrbin2dvh program is there and you have permissions to run it
  4. flair expects that the RT and the CT are using the same reference frame, apparently they are different. Could you provide privately the RT and the CT to debug.

Thank you very much for your reply @vasilis .

  1. I successfully plot the following diagram after referring to the Flair manual.

2.I installed Flair according to the instructions on the website, just like the picture below.

And I’m not sure if the files in the folder are correct, so I opened the flair folder and uploaded screenshots. Then how should I test if I have permission to run it?

3.I have already uploaded these files in my previous topic, by the way, anonymized RTSTRUCTURE can be loaded normally, and I will upload this file separately, you can compare the correspondence between PTV1 and RTDOSE.

> Blockquote (778.3 KB)

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Many thanks @nostaaal
indeed there was a bug in flair, which was causing the misalignment. It was one index wrong in the axial view when the RTDOSE had different size than the CT. Now it is fixed we will push a correction for flair quite soon

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