The big difference between fluka and Geant4?

i do a simulation using 0.11 MeV electron bombing tungsten,
when considering Auger electron and X-Ray,
The big difference occur between fluka and Geant4:

how to set up the interaction about Auger electron and X-Ray in fluka?

Hi Siyuan,

FLUKA does not explicitly simulate products of the atomic relaxation following ionization by charged particles. That is why you see a smaller peak in FLUKA than Geant4.
On the other hand, there is explicit atomic excitation after photoelectric effect. As such, your (secondary) bremstrahlung photons interacting with W atoms are the origin of the partial peak at characteristic X-ray energies.

This underestimation has been already addressed on the forum, for example in

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@ Philippe Schoofspschoofs, thanks!