To detect the void in the girder box

Dear FLUKA experts,
I have made a geometry of a box girder. And I want to scan that girder by bombarding x-Rays (using backscattered X-rays). I geometry I have left some voids (air) to check if the x-rays would be able to detect to those voids or not. For this purpose, I have used USRBIN and USRBDX for scoring the backscattered X-ray, their energies, their scattered angle, their attenuation within material etc. But I am not able to get the results. So, what I want is that;

  1. How can I detect the presence of void in the geometry?
  2. Another thing that I want to know that at different points within a region how can I score the energy loss?
    My ultimate goal is to prepare a prototype based on my simulations.
    I will be very thankful to all of you.
    I have attached the flair and inut files.
    grider-box (1).inp (7.5 KB)
    grider-box (1).flair (8.0 KB)

Dear FLUKA experts I am waiting for your valueable suggestions.

Dear @muneeb.wajid.r,

I would suggest you to look in literature to figure out how people exploit radiation to investigate the internal details of an object.
From a Fluka point of view, I would like to make two comments:
1-Your beam is way smaller than the geometry you want to scan.
2-Your primary have an energy of 100 keV and your device is made of several centimeters of concrete, which is way too thick for the primary energy.

Thank you Amario for your response.
Regarding your suggestions I had studied the literature. And in literature they used USRBIN, USRBDX, and USRTRACK along with EMFCUT.
Besides the low energy and thickness of the Target would you like to suggest me further regarding the modifications in the input.
Thank you again.

Actually, my suggestion to look in literature, was more intended to look how this tomography technique is applied experimentally. You could use already available work as an inspiration for your own.

As extra reading, in case you haven’t done it yet, I recommend to have a look at the slides from the last Beginners’ course (please, beware that maybe not all the lectures are of interest for you).

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