Understanding .bnn.lis files USRBIN

Dear Fluka Experts,
I’m trying to export the values collected by USRBIN (where I put it to detect the DOSE) in a simulation with a 1 keV alpha particle beam for analysis in VSCode. I checked questions similar to my question (Export energy distribution to ANSYS, Export USRBIN data, Plotting USRBIN results with external software), but I still couldn’t proceed.
After transforming the .bnn file used for the plot to a .bnn.lis file I have the following:

alfa 1keV_24 bnn.zip (261.4 KB)

My objective is to analyze the dose at each point (x,y) on the graph. Is the plot.dat file not necessary? Just bnn.lis? And how can I interpret each column and line? I have 10 columns and up to 80000 rows.
Thank you so much in advance!

You cannot simulate a 1 keV alpha particle beam, being 4 keV the lowest transport threshold applicable to alphas.

It’s explained here.