USRBIN scoring per region: "R1from" and "R1to" fields meaning

I select Region type in USRBIN as mentioned above,it shows as the following:
I am only instered in the total net charge of target1,but it seems that I must choose it twice here,why? What’s the meaning of “from” and “to”? Also,in the manual,three region sets are mentioned,what are they?

Dear @shiqiang.pang,

in a Region type scoring you can select a continuous list of regions (in the order they are defined) to score the same quantity. For example: you want to score NET-CHRG in multiple targets.

The Step1 field sets which regions is used for scored in the specified list. Step1=2, would mean, only every second region is used for scoring.

If you only interested in one region, you can specify target1 in the R1from and R1to field, while Step1 empty.

The use of multiple sets of regions in a singe USRBIN scoring is a bit counter intuitive, as the FLUKA sums the results of each set, by the list positions. So to avoid confusion, Flair doesn’t offer the options for the second and third set. If you want to set up other sets, you can simply use another USRBIN scoring.


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