Warning/Error message meaning about Vbody?

Dear experts,
as I am creating a large geometry with FLAIR3.1-15 I get on the prompt the following message:

Warning: VBody zcc3:0 accuracy=646160
Warning: VBody zec2:0 accuracy=235381
ERROR: VBody QPmgtop5:0 accuracy=4.01559e+06

Can You help me to understand the actual meaning of such a warning? And may be to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

In addition, I have to mention that this geometry is quite big and is in progress. So many regions or zones are still not entirely defined. (red dashed zones in geoviewer windows)

Best regards,

Don’t worry for those messages. flair has an adaptive mechanism for the accuracy of floating point operations. For those bodies during the 2D drawing it lost quite some precision (due to the big dimensions in geometry or transformations), so it might end-up that some regions will not be properly identified/shaded.

If they lead to fake errors in the geometry, then it would be better to send us your inp/flair files to debug and fix it.

Dear Vasilis,
Many thanks for your kind and comforting answer!
I did not add inp/flair files because they are already quite huge. Of course, I will if I’ll need more help to deal with “real” geometry errors.
Warm regards,