Why do my topics disappear?

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In the attachment, you can find a screenshot of my desktop before and after refreshing the page.

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Hallo, since you inquired publicly, let me take the opportunity for some clarifications that are possibly of general interest. You posted the same question (about use of triplet quadrupole magnets for symmetric focusing of the electron beam) five times or so during the last days. This is not an appropriate behavior that may grant you a quicker effective answer, on a topic that by the way does not appear to be FLUKA specific. Therefore, one instance has been left open for follow up (please note that answers are provided on a free best effort basis, with no formal obligation at all) and the others (pointlessly repeated) have been removed for cleanness purposes. Thanks for refraining from such a noisy attitude in the future and complying with a proper use of this forum, where questions are always welcome, while bare insistence is not. Kind regards


I apologize for the misunderstanding. I know that you and your team answer questions for free. Once again I want to say that I am very grateful for the work done by your team. Your team helped me understand and solve many of my problems.

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