Help requested: issue updating Flair to 3.2-2 (Ubuntu 20.04 in Windows10 WSL)

Hi, when trying to update from Flair 3.2-1 to 3.2-2, I experienced the same issue as that described in this topic, thus I tried applying the same solution provided there. However, after removing flair and geoviewer as specified in the first two instructions, I got the following error when executing tar -xvf ./flair-geoviewer-3.2-2.tgz

Therefore I thought, OK let me install Flair from scratch and to that purpose I downloaded the setup script as specified in this page. However, running the script gave this other error

Now I am without flair and cannot run simulations. Can you please help me?

Kind regards,

Hi Enrico,

the error you got (No such file or directory) simply means that the flair-geoviewer-3.2-2.tgz file is not there. Make sure to execute the command in the directory hosting the downloaded file (or move the latter).

Hi Francesco and thank you for the reply. I don’t know in which folder that file is hosted – actually I made a search and it is found nowhere in my disk. The solution posted by Marteen surely works, but it seems it needs a file I don’t have – why does the installation script, which I’d prefer to use, fail? I tried running it again right now (it said “Try again later”) and it still gives the same error.

Waiting for an answer about the installation script, you can download the aforementioned file from

Thanks a lot Francesco. Downloaded and extracted it, but now the following instruction tar -xvf ./flair-3.2-2 gives another error about non-existing file. Moreover, in the following I don’t know what I should use for the destination directory in make install DESTDIR=…/flair-3.2/ and also, being not proficient in Linux, how to add the installation directory to the path. Those are other reasons for me to prefer the installation script. I hoe someone helps me running it correctly.

What is the new error that you get when you try to untar the downloaded file?

The “make install” DESTDIR, has to be the directory where you have installed flair, which usually is /usr/local but of course, this would be different in your case.

The downloaded file untars correctly. The error when I run the command tar -xvf ./flair-3.2-2 is about a missing file, as shown in the following screenshot

It has to be downloaded too from flair-3.2-2.tgz.
Then the command should be tar -xzvf flair-3.2-2.tgz
These are the two installation files of Flair (including geoviewer).

Ok, I fear there is a bit of confusion. I’ll try to explain.

To install flair from the source you need 2 archive files:

both need to be “untar-ed” with the command “tar -xvzf <file>”. Be careful that your browser could unzip the file during the download.

I don’t know where exactly you have downloaded these files, anyway I assume that they are in the same directory.
After extracting the archives, you should have 2 directories:

  • flair-3.2
  • flair-geoviewer-3.2

At this point, in the directory flair-3.2 you already have a working version of flair (but without the geometry editor).
My suggestion at this point would be to move flair in the /usr/local directory. You can do this with the command:

 sudo mv flair-3.2 /usr/local/.

I have added the “sudo” command because you need superuser rights to move the file there.
Then you can install the geometry editor:

 cd flair-geoviewer-3.2
 make clean
 make install DESTDIR=/usr/local/flair

At this point, everything should work. You can test it from the command line starting flair:


Let me know if this work.


Thank you for the very detailed explanation – what I actually needed! Everything worked well, except for the last instruction, which gave an error as you can see in the screenshot

Can you please paste also the instruction that returned that error? I guess it is “make install …” but I prefer to be sure

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Here it is, I recovered it with the up arrow on my keyboard

The problem is cause by the fact that the user “enrico” doesn’t have the rights to write in /usr/local/flair-3.2
You just need to add the sudo command:

 sudo make install DESTDIR=/usr/local/flair-3.2
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Great, it worked! I closed and restarted Ubuntu and typed flair as I was used to run it. But it does not start, see here

One step at the time. Try:


Does flair start?

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YES!!! :grinning:

Good. Let’s now try to finish in a clean way.
You need to add the path to flair to your PATH variable. It is possible to do it indicating the specific flair directory, i.e. flair-3.2, but this is not elegant. Plus, next time you install flair it won’t work anymore.
First, let’s go in the right directory:

cd /usr/local

Then we create a logical link to the flair-3.2 directory and name it flair:

sudo ln -s flair-3.2 flair

again, sudo is there because of the access rights.
Then we go back to your home directory.


If you want to be super-sure, you can check again that flair works:


Now we need to add the right path to the PATH variable. You need to edit with your favorite text editor the file .bashrc
Somewhere in the file (probably at the end), you’ll find a line that looks like:

export PATH=$PATH:something:something_else

You simply have to add the path to flair like this:

export PATH=$PATH:something:something_else:/usr/local/flair

Close the linux terminal, reopen and try just:


It should work.

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I had to stop at the second step because I got this error

That’s an easy fix. Do this instead:

sudo ln -s flair-3.2/ flair
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Yes, it worked. Now what failed is the check (Permission denied):