Post Processing files from the terminal

Dear fluka expert

I use to post-process my output files (myoutput_fort.22) using flair.

However, I’m starting to run my simulations in a cluster, and I’m getting hundreds of such output files. As you can imagine repeating each post-processing in flair will be extremely tedious, so:

There is a way to post-process from the terminal, I mean, which command I should execute in order to get the “_sum.lis” and “22_tab.lis” files?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Jilberto
Yes, FLAIR can do that. See this


The post-processing programs for merging and analyzing user scores are available in /pathtofluka/src/tools/. The programs are automatically compiled and linked when installing FLUKA. The corresponding executables are located in /pathtofluka/bin/ and can be readily used in the terminal. For example if you want to produce the summary files from USRBDX scorings you can simply call /pathtofluka/bin/usxsuw, the program will ask for the unformatted files to be merged in sequence. When you fed the program with all files you want to merge you can simply type a space ’ ’ when it ask you for another input file after which the program will ask you for the destination file. Of course this is again a tedious job when processing a lot of files so you can also make a small script yourself that gathers all file names in a list file which you can then call once as /pathtofluka/bin/usxsuw > list.

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