RTDOSE distribution on CT image

Dear FLUKA users and experts!
I try to convert USRBIN to RTDOSE by usrbin2rtdose.py,unfortunately the error was reported.(


I see two similar problems: Overlay dose distribution on CT image, Mismatch between Graphics and Generated data
When I try the following to convert to RTDOSE: go to the Dicom tab select an RTDOSE file that it is similar to the USRBIN file Click on the Import → USRBIN It should create an RTDOSE equivalent file embedding the USRBIN as pixel data, and with an instance number 100+InstanceNumber of the original file.Since I don’t have RTPLAN file, how can I solve it.(

I look forward to expert reply.


as mentioned in DICOM input questions this is corrected in our development flair version and it will be released in the next days.